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Strange behavior of caret in WYSIWYG-Editor#38639/v5
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Strange behavior of caret in WYSIWYG-Editor[CBUG-38639]

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Release: 7.7.0-WCEX Modified by: sandor.szabo Apr 09 2013 12:09 Disk Space: --
Operating System: -- Memory: -- Database: --
I edit a wiki page in WYSIWYG-mode, the current line ends with a space, and the caret's position is right of the space. When I now press backspace, sometimes not only the space is deleted, but also the last letter left of the space. E.g.  abc_|   -----Backspace--->   ab|  (where "_" is the space, and "|" is the caret)
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Aug 19 2011 16:55
Blank lines inserted in WYSIWYG-editor are not included in final page is related to this item