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Blank lines inserted in WYSIWYG-editor are not included in final page#38640/HEAD / v11
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Blank lines inserted in WYSIWYG-editor are not included in final page[CBUG-38640]

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I edit a page in WYSIWYG-mode and insert e.g. 3 blank lines in the text (Spaces_WYSIWYG.png). When I view the preview, there is only one line break, but no blank line (Spaces_Preview.png). The same in the final page. When I open the WYSIWYG-editor again after saving, the page looks like in the preview, without the blank lines. Only in the markup editor, the blank lines are still present.

This means that the WYSIWYG-editor is not really WYSIWYG.

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Submitted Comment
Dec 15 2015 11:35
You are right the Wysiwyg is not perfectly "WYSIWYG", but that happens because:
  • The blank lines are really HTML paragraphs, if there are multiple paragraphs following each other in HTML these are collapsed into one.

For example, this is the html/wiki markup:



That looks like:



Notice that there are two <p>-s and but only one line between: they are collapsed.

  • Now imagine if the Wysiwyg editor would work this way what you would see:
    • your cursor is behind the "before" text, and you press enter
    • the wysiwyg editor would insert a <p> because you have pressed enter
    • because this 2nd <p> is "collapsing" with the previous ones there would be no new line added

so in short what would happen is that you could keep pressing "enter" key, but that would not appear in the wysiwyg editor. This would be clearly annoy users, and I thing this would be a buggy behaviour. (off: for the same reason Word does not collapse the paragraphs by default on:)

Therefore the "wysiwyg" is just tries to be as close as to the final result as possible, the perfectness is unreachable.

Mar 20 2015 10:18
Sep 16 2011 15:43
Thank you for reporting this known issue. We plan to make major modifications/enhancements on the WYSIWYG-editor however it is not scheduled.
Sep 16 2011 11:33
What about this bug? Could you reproduce the reported behavior?
Aug 19 2011 14:53
Spaces_Preview.png 22 KB
Spaces_WYSIWYG.png 34.3 KB