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Floating licences - automatical logout - non-saved changes are lost#39720/HEAD / v7
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Floating licences - automatical logout - non-saved changes are lost[CBUG-39720]

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Status: Closed Severity: Medium Resolution: Won't Fix
Release: 6.0-M1 Modified by: system Mar 12 2012 18:13 Customer: --
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We use floating licences. There is an automatical logout after (about) 1,5 hour.

Staff work at huge document for several days. After (abou) 1,5 hour they are automatically logged off. Editing window is still opened and changes aren't saved. After attempt to save their work editing window is changed to login window. After login changes aren't saved, previous unsaved changes are lost.

Permanent saving of changes isn't suitable ( __Editing of huge documents - big number of unwanted versions__: possibility to overwrite previous version )- big number of revisions - hundreds of revisions, baselining of document isn't solution - staff can forget to create baseline ...  (suggested possibility to overwrite previous version of document would be solution for us !! )

Also increasing the session timeout from 90 minutes to for example 2-3 hours isn't solution ( __Floating licences - automatical logout - non-saved changes are lost__ ) - after 4 hours of intensive work can staff find out, that he lost all work because he worked so intensively, that he forgot save the change.

Possible solution: Editing window is kept, new window for login is opened. Or something else: integrate our last request "Editing of huge documents - big number of unwanted versions: possibility to overwrite previous version", or some visual change of editing window when user is logged off, or automatical saving, or ...

 Thank you in advance for solution

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Submitted Comment
Dec 15 2011 17:00
@Zsolt it is now set to "Verified" / "Won'tfix". Please close it if we are actually not going to fix it.
Nov 09 2011 14:58
It will be part of our next coming requirement management package, and it will be provided (free) for all customer purchased the word-wiki editing. When I recall you purchased this feature. The feature is presentable in the next 2 week.

In the requirement management package we have issue baselines, Word (RTF) import, Word export, Tree view with WYSWYG editing, Test Case support, suspected links, etc...

I attached a screenshot.

Screen Shot 2011-11-09 at 2.55.44 PM.png 170.5 KB
Nov 09 2011 14:33
I discussed with colleagues. Every have different opinion, but finally they mostly prefer way described in body of issue.
Nov 09 2011 14:26
Yes, it would be perfect. Will it be standard part of some version of CodeBeamer (which one ?) or is it necessary to raise some negotiation ?
Nov 09 2011 14:21
We worked on a RTF -> Wiki import, where you can work with your Word online/offile and when yoi completed you can save the document and with drag & drop you can drop back to your wiki page and the wiki is imorting the contact inclusive the pictures.

Will it help you?