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Associating source code files with issues (eclipse and web)#638/HEAD / v2
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Associating source code files with issues (eclipse and web)[REQ-638]

Tracker: Feature Request Priority: NormalNormal Status: Closed
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User Interface
Severity: Major
Resolution: -- Release: -- Submitted by: bonevich Nov 04 2003 20:52
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In the eclipse plug-in, I can see how to *create a new* task from a source code file by right-clicking on the ruler-bar, and I can see this item get tracked both in the source code and in the CodeBeamer Tracker view. However, there appears to be no way to:

(1) associate multiple source code files with a given task/issue (i.e. concept of a change set)
(2) associate source code file(s) with pre-existing tasks/issues (i.e. don't just create a new issue, but associate this source code with that issue entered at another time)
(3) view or modify source code associations from CodeBeamer's web interface
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