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More Reports: Tasks by Release#641/HEAD / v3
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More Reports: Tasks by Release[REQ-641]

Tracker: Feature Request Priority: HighHigh Status: Closed
Customer: -- Module:
User Interface
Severity: Trivial
Resolution: -- Release: -- Submitted by: bonevich Nov 06 2003 15:13
Detected: -- Database: -- Memory: --
Operating System: -- Disk Space: --
CodeBeamer has very limited reporting capabilities. Needs an ad hoc reporting ability; or at least a broader range of reports to generate.

In particular, I have Trackers set up with a custom field for the planned release (this is something JIRA does out-of-the-box), and I would like to generate daily reports of how we are progressing for each release.

For me, this is the most important report I want - not having it makes JIRA more attractive than CodeBeamer
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