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Customizing Wiki Styles

What is a wiki style?

Wiki styles are named style configurations based on CSS definitions, that can be applied to text pieces in the wiki markup. They are configured externally (see the next section), then can be used by the following syntax:

%%<stylename> This is the text that the style should be applied to. %%

Please note that wiki styles can use all feature supported by CSS, whether it is colors, font styling, positioning, blocks, inline elements, and so on.

Configuring (adding, updating, removing) wiki styles

Wiki styles are defined in the general.xml configuration file that is located in the $CB_HOME/tomcat/webapps/cb/WEB-INF/classes directory.

Search for this section and add your custom styles by inserting another <style> entry. (Editing or removing styles is trivially editing or deleting the corresponding <style> entries.)

<wiki defaultMode="wysiwyg" jsCompressingMode="none">
    <style name="outdated">
      text-decoration: line-through; color: #999;
    <style name="important">
      display: block; background: lightPink; color: darkRed; padding: 10px; font-weight: bold;

Please note that the style "outdated" in this example is an inline style (that will not break the text around it), while "important" is a block style (breaks the text by inserting a rectangular block).

Using wiki styles

After you restarted CB, you can start using your new styles in the markup like this:

The latest version of this submodule is %%outdated 1.0-beta %% 1.0-GA.

%%important This server will be restarted at 14:00. Do not forget to save your work around 13:50 latest. %%

It will render as: