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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Installing codebeamer Service Packs

Service pack files should not be installed in docker environment. If available, the corresponding docker tag has to be pulled.

Starting from version 10.0.1, codeBeamer patches are provided in service packs. A service pack contains multiple fixes. Individual fixes for specific bugs will not be available.

Service packs are identified by an SP number, and that appears also in the product version. For example, after applying Service Pack 1 in a 10.0.1-final installation, the version number becomes 10.0.1-SP1.

Service packs are cumulative (e.g. SP2 contains all the changes included in SP1).

All items of final Service Packs (without any further prefix like "beta") are functionally tested and the whole package goes through a smoke tests, but not tested for regression.

Before applying a service pack, a backup of codeBeamer web application directory should be created. This is needed for reverting from a service pack if necessary. Also, if you made customization to your codeBeamer by editing files then you may need to copy back the altered files after applying a service pack.

In general, codeBeamer web application directory is located at <codeBeamer install directory>/tomcat/webapps/<context>. These are the two most common scenarios for <context> in practice:

  • If you have "/cb" in the URL for accessing your codeBeamer (e.g. the link to login page is like https://your.codebeamer.server/cb/login.spr ) then web application folder is <codeBeamer install directory>/tomcat/webapps/cb
  • If there is no "/cb" in the URL (e.g. the link to login page is like https://your.codebeamer.server/login.spr ) then the folder is <codeBeamer install directory>/tomcat/webapps/ROOT

Service pack files can be downloaded from this folder: You must login to see this link. Register now, if you have no user account yet.

Please do the following steps to apply a service pack:

  1. Stop codeBeamer server

  2. Locate your codeBeamer web application directory

  3. Make a backup copy of the web application directory

  4. Remove <codeBeamer install directory>/tomcat/webapps/<context>/WEB-INF/classes/com/intland directory if that exists.

  5. Extract the content of service pack file in web application folder

  6. Start codeBeamer server

  7. Verify if version number is updated (it is shown at the bottom of each codeBeamer page in fine print).