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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Installation Guide

This guide contains information about the requirements, methods, and steps for installing codeBeamer. The installation process is complex, therefore it can be confusing at some points. To avoid confusion, this page introduces a codeBeamer Installation Map, intended to help users decide which method to follow during the installation.

The codeBeamer Installation Map represents the different options of installation, with their respecitve steps needed to complete for successful installation. In order to provide some clarification, the page refers to each of the separate installation methods. The two main branches for installing codeBeamer are:

  • Produduction Environment Installation
  • Evaluation/Test Environment Installation

Installation Requirements

Besides the General System Requirements describing the hardware and software requirements for running codeBeamer, there are some other basic requirements to be fulfilled by the installation process:

  1. A database server installation
  2. A database server configuration
  3. A codeBeamer server installation

After these two, the configuration process follows. The supported databases are:

codeBeamer Installation Map

The codeBeamer Installation Map shows the main basic steps needed to install, cofigure, and run codeBeamer.

For detailed information about the installation processes see: codebeamer Installation and Database Installation and Configuration pages.