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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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codebeamer Overview

codebeamerTM is an Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution for distributed development.

codeBeamer provides Project-, Task-, Requirement-, Test- Change-, Configuration-, Build-, Knowledge- and Document management in a single, secure environment. It enables software and hardware development to be more collaborative, transparent and productive.

More info on licenses and features:
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We recommend you to start studying the common subset of features, that are available in every edition: codebeamer: Common Concepts

About this Guide

This guide is intended for codeBeamer users accessing the tool from their web browsers.

Typographical Conventions

This manual uses the following typographical conventions.

Table Typographical conventions.

Convention Description
installdir represents the installdir directory where codeBeamer has been installed.
Bold Font represents menus, buttons, tabbed panes
Italics represents new terms, document titles, Figure titles, Table titles
This font is used for code examples, user commands, directories & configuration file names

Contacting Intland Support

If you have any problems with the software or documentation, please contact Intland support via e-mail or phone as described below.

Table Intland contacts.

Form Information
Phone Europe: +49-711-67400-677
Fax Europe: +49-711-67400-686
Phone USA: +1-866-468-5210
Fax USA: +1-866-468-5210