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Test Management workflow migration

As part of the deployment of this release, we are upgrading all existing Test Run workflows to the new one. This migration relies on the existing tracker workflow and statuses being as shown on the below screenshot. In case there are custom changes to your tracker, it may not get migrated.

Custom templates that have been created with codeBeamer 10.1 or older contain the old Test Run configuration. Those templates can be imported, but the Test Run trackers will not work.

There are multiple approaches you can use to migrate the configuration of your custom templates:

  1. Make sure to deploy all custom template on your server before upgrading to codeBeamer 20.11, so that the project configuration is updated automatically.
  2. Import the template, then delete and re-create all Test Run trackers. Be aware that this means all customizations of the Test Run trackers and depending on the Test Run tracker will have to be configured again.
  3. Import the template to a development or test instance of codeBeamer and use the approach described below to trigger the configuration migration.
  4. As of 21.04-SP2, custom templates are automatically migrated to have the updated workflow

After the configuration has been migrated, export the configuration to create a version of your custom template compatible with codeBeamer 20.11 or newer.

Manually Triggering Migration of Test Run Trackers

If you need to repeat the migration on other projects as well, you can do that in the following way:

  1. Have all the projects on the environment of which Test Runs you would like to get migrated
  2. Execute the following SQL query:
    DELETE FROM codebeamer.upgrade_statements WHERE statement_id LIKE '10.2.0-Upgrade-Test-Run-Workflow'
  3. Restart your codeBeamer environment
  4. Check the logs for issues

As a result of the previous exercise, codeBeamer runs the thus missing upgrade script again, which will update all Test Runs that have not been migrated yet. In case of any issues during the migration, the following (WARN) log messages appear in the logs:

<TRACKER_NAME> tracker(<TRACKER_ID>) is skipped on <PROJECT_NAME> project(<PROJECT_ID>) due to an exception