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Importing Data from CSV Files to CodeBeamer

CodeBeamer import functionality allows you to import data from a CSV file. You can find this functionality on any Tracker's start page, using "import" action from the "more" menu. This import is practically same as Importing Data from Excel to codebeamer, except the minimal differences caused by the constraints of the CSV file format. Please read the Excel import for more details...

CSV format related constraints of this import is:

  • Two quotes escape character ("" escapes "), no other characters are escaped.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel and many other programs that have adopted the format for data import and export.
  • Leading and trailing white space on an unquoted field is significant.
  • Specified by RFC4180.

When importing from a CSV file, you will have to first properly select the field-separator of the CSV file, and the character set of your file. These may vary between Excel versions (may be different if Excel language changes), or might be different if your data was prepared on other platforms (for example LibreOffice on Linux). So set them carefully on the first page of the wizard: