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Retina 3.2.1 release notes

Community incidents:

  • #20375024 Users are unable to sign reviews on version 3.2
  • #20375295 Reviewer and Viewer Users can't change password
  • #20375296 Clicking on Help goes to the Retina 3.1 wiki instead of 3.2
  • #20430189 Test run statistics is deceptive when pausing the test runner


  • Slack - connecting existing notification channel fails
  • Document tracker - Owner field is not listed in Visible columns list and cannot be saved as filter
  • References - Paging isn't working on reference selector dialogs in case of work items filtered by status
  • ReqIF - tracker type options are wrong when creating new tracker during import
  • ReqIF - Import history settings - Relations are missing
  • ReqIF - Tracker attributes (if any in the uploaded ReqIF archive) need to be visible and mappable under Specifications section
  • ReqIF - missing Summary in updated item details dialog
  • Review hub - Saving Review finish description fails
  • SCM Repositories' icon does not load below the Tools tab


  • ReqIF import dialog UI improvements