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Migrate MySQL 5.7 CB database to 8.0

  1. Pre-step:
  2. Create a dump of the OLD_CB codeBeamer MySQL schema: Export dump
  3. Shutdown OLD_CB instance forever.
  4. Setup a new MySQL instance as an independent service (you can also use an already existing shared MySQL 8.0 or higher instance) and prepare the new codeBeamer schema according to Preparing the MySQL Database for Installation.
  5. Import the dump into the new database schema: Import dump
  6. Migrate MySQL database to UTF8MB4 character encoding.
  7. Please adjust MySQL database access data in codeBeamer according to your NEW_CB configuration.
  8. Upgrade MySQL JDBC Driver
    1. Replace the database driver binaries.
    2. Download the MySQL provided driver.
    3. Copy the downloaded mysql-connector-java-x.y.z.jar into {codeBeamer installation directory}/tomcat/webapps/cb/WEB-INF/lib directory and rename to mysql-connector-java.jar