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Supported Version Control Systems: Subversion, Git, Mercurial, CVS and More

codeBeamer enables making Version Control Systems a tightly integrated tool in your collaboration environment and makes source code itself a first class asset in your projects.

  • Navigation: codeBeamer allows searching and browsing repository content, repository histories and change sets.
  • Security: codeBeamer helps to maintain granular read/write access control over repository entries (directories and files).
  • Traceable: codeBeamer also enables associating change sets with issues for traceability. A source code change can be traced back to its originator task and even to the requirement that the task was derived from.
  • Information Accessability: team members can easily follow source code changes via codeBeamer's flexible subscription system and highly configurable notification emails.

Even better, these features are largely VCS independent. Configuring write permissions is essentially the same for Subversion and Git, for example, since codeBeamer hides all the details of the different vendors.

CodeBeamer supports the following VCSs:

VCSManagedCentralized WorkflowDecentralized Workflows
more on Managed Repositoriesmore on Centralized Workflowsmore on Decentralized Workflows
Git - is a free & open source, distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.(/)(/)(/)
Mercurial - is a distributed version control system, becoming an increasingly popular alternative to Subversion.(/)(/)(/)
Subversion - is the most popular centralized version control system. (/)(/)
CVS - is a proven system in wide use around the world.Starting from version 8.3.0, CVS is not supported anymore. (/)

Managed Repositories versus External Repositories

CodeBeamer distiguishes between managed and external repositories. A managed repository has several advantages over an external (unmanaged) repository. The primary benefit is an ability to control repository permissions by role. For more information about managed repositories see Using Managed Subversion, Git & Mercurial Repositories.

Extending codeBeamer by Adding Support for Your Custom Version Control System

This option is not available anymore. codeBeamer can be integrated only with the officially supported systems. Starting from version 8.3.0, these are Git, Mercurial, and Subversion.

codeBeamer has a public API to integrate with VCS implementations. (Under the hood, even the factory built-in adapters rely on this API.) Consequently, codeBeamer can support any proprietary system at the cost of custom development. Please contact Intland if you want to know more about this option.

See how to Administer External VCS Access.
See Tracing Source Code Changes to Requirements, Task and Bugs
See codeBeamer Web Services API (Remote API) & Listener API