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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Collaborating with Version Control Systems

Browsing Version Control Systems on the Web

CodeBeamer has a built-in interface for SCM systems, and project members can browse the content of the SCM repository. SCM systems such as Subversion, Git & Mercurial are directly integrated, and integration is possible with various other SCM systems via CodeBeamer's API. The browsing capability includes user's requirements for tracking code changes, associating commits with bugs, browsing repository revisions, commits, branches, and tags.

Browsing Commits (Change Sets)

You can browse commits (changesets) in the SCM Repository browser.  When your cursor hovers over the SCM Repository area (tab), you'll see the tooltip menu: select Browse Commits.

Figure: Browse Commits by User

Browsing Repositories

You are also able to browse the files stored in the repository using the Repository Browser. This can be found under the SCM Repository tooltip menu (or more menu after SCM Repository tab has been selected) by clicking on Browse Repository.

Figure: Browse Repository

Integrating Version Control Systems with Wiki Pages

codeBeamer offers several wiki plugins to be inserted into pages to display live SCM related information.

Commit History Wiki Plugin

With the CommitTrends you can build your commit trends into your dashboard.
[{CommitTrends title='Subversion Activity'}]

Commit Statistics Wiki Plugin

With the CommitStatistic plugin you can display statistics about source code commits.

Example usage: