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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Open Links in New Browser Tab

On certain pages in codeBeamer, it can be useful to open links automatically in a new browser tab instead of the current tab. This setting applies to links on Reports, Planner, and other Agile pages. The following list contains all the links and pages to which this option applies:

  • Reports page and Tracker Table View
    • Item summary links
    • Context menu links
  • Release Dashboard
    • Item summary links
  • Planner
    • Item summary links
    • Item header link in the right pane
  • Kanban Board
    • Item links in cards
  • Traceability Browser
    • Item summary links
  • Coverage Browser
    • Item summary links in the coverage tree
    • Related test management trackers under the Jump to menu item
  • Test Run item details page
    • Item summary links under Tests below were/will be executed
    • Item summary links under Details of Test Results