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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Send a custom email to specific recipients

This workflow action will send a custom email to the specified recipients.

For security reasons, the subject and body of the emails can only be specified via Velocity template files (*.vm), that must have been approved and uploaded to the directory
on the CodeBeamer Application Server by a server administrator !

For example:

The action has three parameters:
  • Recipients
    are the email recipients (required), which can be specified as
    • Users
    • Groups
    • Roles
    • Member fields of the tracker item, that is subject/source of the triggering event
  • Subject
    The name of the Velocity template file for the email subject line (required)
  • Content
    The name of the Velocity template file for the email body/content (required)

The Velocity template files (*.vm) for the Subject and the Content, must reside in ~/CB-.../tomcat/webapps/cb/config/templates/email.

The Velocity context for both, the subject and the content/body template, contains the following information:

userUserDtoThe user that executed the state transition that trigged this email
subjectTrackerItemDtoThe tracker item, that is subject of the triggering event and also of this email
sourceArtifactDtoThe source of the triggering event: a state transition, escalation rule, etc.
trackerTrackerDtoThe tracker of the subject item
projectProjectDtoThe project of the subject item
transitionWorkflowTransitionDtoOnly if the action was called from a state transition, otherwise false
recipientUserDtoThe recipient of this email
textFormatterTextFormatterA helper for locale specific formatting

For example:


Dear ${recipient.realName}, please have a look at ${subject}



<div class="comment-box">
	Dear ${recipient.realName}, <br/>
	${user.realName} did ${} #linkTrackerItem(${subject})

whatever that means to you ...