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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Add Release / Sprint Tags

From codeBeamer 9.3.0, it is possible to add release or sprint related tags to the work items in a specific release or sprint. These tags are connected to state transitions, that is, a specific release or sprint tag is specified for a specific state transition. When that state transition is carried out for a release or sprint, all the work items within that release/sprint will be tagged with the specified tag.

For example, if you specify the tag "Sprint_activated" for the state transition Start (transition from Draft to Active), whenever you perform the Start action for a sprint, all the work items within that sprint will be tagged as "Sprint_activated".

This workflow action is only available for Release trackers.

When you select this action from the action selector, you can specify the following:

  • Tags (mandatory field): the tag or tags that you want to add to release or sprint items when a specific state transition is performed. You can specify any number of tags in this field, using a semi-colon to separate the values. It is possible to use existing values in this field or to create new values.
  • Unique Tag(s) (mandatory field): this option specifies if the configured tag(s) can be added to only one release or sprint item or not. If the value is set to True, then the tag(s) will be allowed for only one item in the given Release tracker.
  • Already Tagged Release(s)/Sprint(s) (optional): this option specifies if the status of already tagged release/sprint items should be updated when the tags are added to the next release/sprint.