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This feature is no longer supported and deprecated starting codbeamer 21.04 version.

Assign subject staff according to selected target project

You can use issue staffing (see State Transitions) also to delegate responsibilities for work items in common/shared projects to the appropriate/responsible members in other (backend) projects.

An example for such a scenario could be a common "Service Desk" project, that serves as the central/unique entry point for all customer requests (e.g. Request for quotation, Purchase order, Bug reports, Change requests, Support requests, etc).

The help desk staff would only be responsible for receiving, verifying and delegating the request to the appropriate/responsible department (Project), e.g. Sales, Support or Development, where the actual request processing would be handled.

With the help of the workflow action Assign staff according to selected target projects, delegating a request would be as simple as selecting the responsible department (Project) upon a state transition.

To setup such a scenario:

  • Enable workflow for the Requests tracker
  • Enable issue staffing for the Requests tracker
  • Add a "Project" reference field to the Requests tracker (make it mandatory for the appropriate delegated state)
  • Set the Assign staff according to selected target projects action for the appropriate Requests state transition
  • During that state transition also
    • Assigned the request to a specific role, e.g "Consultant"
    • Optionally, set "Owner" to a specific role, e.g "Manager"


For (backend) project members to be able to access requests and participate in the request processing, they must also be members in the "Service Desk" project (with the same role).

Backend projects can have also own/additional/specific roles and members, but those will not be visible to the "Service Desk".

For example:
When delegating a Request to Sales: Janos would become the only request "Manager" and Malte the only "Consultant".
Also only Janos and Malte will receive notifications about the request and will be able to process it (assuming Edit permissions are granted exclusively to the participants "Owner" and "Assigned to" and/or the (staffed) roles "Manager" and "Consultant").

When delegating a Request to Support: Zsolt would become the request "Manager" and Peter the "Consultant".
Klaus, although a Support Consultant, would not be involved (staffed), because he does not have the "Consultant" role in the "Service Desk".

When delegating a Request to Development: Istvan would become the request "Manager" and Akos and Zoltan the "Consultants".