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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Risk Matrix Diagram

What is Risk Matrix Diagram?

Risk Matrix Diagram shows the number of requirement items according to the related risk(s) likelihood and severity values. The functionality draws a matrix, the Y axis is the Likelihood values, the X axis is the Severity values.


The matrix has to be configured via special custom fields of the Risk tracker and/or via Risk Management tab of Tracker customization page of the Risk tracker. The newly created risk trackers contain these fields with default values.

  • Likelihood intervals: custom choice field for configuring Likelihood intervals
  • Severity intervals: custom choice field for configuring Severity intervals

You can set these intervals and also the background colors of the matrix on the Risk Management tab of the Tracker customization page.

Note that this plugin works properly only if the used risk tracker has proper field configuration!


The Risk Matrix Diagram is available from Risk type trackers and from Requirement or User Story type trackers which have relation to any Risk type tracker. You can navigate to the Risk Matrix Diagram using the view context menu on the top right of the tracker header or the more menu on the action bar below the header.

On the left side you can see the current tracker, and the other related requirement and risk trackers of the projects. If the current tracker is a Requirement or a User Story tracker and there are more related risk type tracker, a selector appears and you can filter the result by any risk tracker.

From codebeamer 9.0.0 you can change the initial tracker and also you can select tracker branches if available.

On the right side you can see two tabs: Risks and Requirements with Risk. Each tab contains three matrixes: Initial risk matrix and Risk matrix after mitigation and Combined risk matrix (if after mitigation values are not set, then the inital values will be used). By clicking the number of the cells, an overlay appears with the details of the related requirement items or risk items.

Export to Office

It is able to Export all the matrixes displaying in this page into MS Word or MS Excel.