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Service Desk

The prerequisite of using Service Desk is having a Service Desk license.

Service Desk provides a simplified view where your users can report problems or feature requests without clicking through complex user interfaces. This simplified interface shows only the most important information: the users will see only a set of selected trackers with meaningful descriptions and will be able to report issues filling only the most important fields.


The main page of the Service Desk shows the list of configured trackers. When configuring these trackers you can set detailed descriptions to help the users find the appropriate tracker.


To add a new item the users just click one of those links in this list. The report issue page of the Service Desk is also minimal, only the mandatory fields are shown on this page.

The second tab on the Service Desk main page is called My Requests. On this page the users can see all the issues reported by them:


And by clicking the links in this table they get a simplified issue details page where they can add comments to the issue or can close it easily.


Configuring Service Desk

By default this feature is turned off. It can be turned on by a system administrator on the sysadmin pages under System Administrator > Service Desk. On this page you can also configure the welcome message and the description of the service desk and you can change the order of the trackers appearing on the desk.

Configuring trackers for service desk

The first step is adding the tracker to service desk. To do this click on Customization > Service Desk and click the Show on service desk option

On this page you can configure the description and the title of the tracker. If not specified, we'll display the default tracker titles and descriptions on the service desk. You can also add a special icon for the tracker.

The next step is configuring the fields. On the field configuration popups you can add a more descriptive name for the fields, that is only shown on service desk. You can also provide a short description that will help the users to understand what the field is for. On the Service Desk submit form only mandatory fields and the fields with service desk description/label are shown.

Grant Service Desk group permission to Support User

The assignment of Support Users to Service Desk was changed from codeBeamer 7.7.0!

Now the service desk is enabled but it's not available to all users by default, only those who has the "Service Desk" group permission (from codeBeamer 7.7.0). A new default group is created called "Support User" and the Service Desk Permission is automatically mapped to this group but you can grant the Permission to any other user group as well using the Edit function for a user group (except for the System Administrator group).

Managing User Groups from System Administration pages:

After clicking on the User Group link you can check and edit all of your groups and the new Support User group is now available.

Assign Service Desk Permission to a user group:

Assign User to the Support Group:

You can import users to a group from the System Administration pages or you can assign a user manually to a group Support User group as well from the Edit Account user page. With the Account Admin permission you can add/remove user groups for any users

The service desk is available to support users who has Service Desk group permission:

  • when they login they're redirected to the service desk
  • or support users there's a Service Desk option in Account settings: