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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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The following Work Item access options are supported by License type:

Artifact Type User License Type

ALM Development Management (SCM, DM) Requirements Management (RM) QA & Test Management (TM) Review HUB
Service Desk (SD)
Issue W W R W R R
Bug W W R W R W
Change Request W W W W R W
Requirement W R W R R R
Risk W R W R R -
Task W W W W R -
Test Run W R R W R -
User Story (Agile) W R R R R -
Configuration Item W W W W - -
Test Case W R R W R* -
Release W W W W - -
Component W W W W - -
Platform W W W W - -
Contact W W W W - -
Test Set W R R W - -
Test Configuration W R R W - -
Team W R R R - -
Review HUB W - W - R* -
Report W W W W R -

Can create comments and vote Service Desk
W: user can Create/Read/Write/Delete such Work Items / Document View / Planner / Cardboard screen otherwise it is not permitted.
R: user has Read access
-: user has no R/W/C/D access

Without Writing permissions (R or lower):

  • Review HUB feature is available for users with Review HUB License starting from codeBeamer 8.2.0
  • Test case tracker is available for users with Review HUB License starting from codeBeamer Dorothy release
  • New Item and Editlinks are not available on:
    • Work Item screen
    • Planner and Cardboard (Kanban Board)
      • User will be able to select only the tracker types with Write permission in the appearing overlay window.
  • The '+' icon will not available on Document View
    • work items are not editable using Document View details tab

The role dependent permissions also apply thus the user also needs the appropriate tracker permissions.