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Validate the user signature (password)

SSO is not supported by this feature

This workflow action only makes sense in the context of a state transition!

Its purpose is, to enforce regulatory requirements, that required some kind of "electronic/digital signature" for special workflow steps.

In order to use this workflow action, you first have to define a custom tracker text field to hold the user signature/password.

For example:

The name/label of this field should be Signature or Password (You can use any name, but then the input field on the GUI will be a plain text field instead of a password field).

If the signature is optional, make the field optional. But for those (transition target) states, where a signature is required, you have to make the Signature field a mandatory field.

E.g. Signature is mandatory for the Accepted status of the Approvals tracker.

You should also grant Edit permission for the Signature field to only those users, that actually need to sign, typically those Assigned to the task.

E.g. The Assigned to users must have Edit permission for the Signature field in the Accepted status:

In some cases, regulations are even stricter and always require two distinct identification components for an electronic signature, such as username and password.

In that case, you should add another custom field of type Member (it could also be a text field) in front of the signature/password field).

For example:

Please use the same Mandatory and Permission settings for the signer and the signature field.

We would also recommend, to put the signer and the signature field on an extra row (Check Newline for the signer field) and make them the last fields:

With the signature field (and optionally the signer field) in place, you can then associated the Validate the user signature (password) action with the appropriate state transitions:

This action has two parameters:

  • Signer (optional) and
  • Signature (required).

Please choose the appropriate fields, that represent the Signer and Signature to validate.