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Work Time Managememt

Recording work time spent on issues

Starting with release 6.0, CodeBeamer allows to record working time spent on issues per

  • User
  • Day
  • Issue
  • Kind (of Work)
  • Activity

The work log is stored in an extra Timekeeping tracker, that will be available out of the box for new projects (See Creating and Customizing Trackers how to add time tracking to existing projects).

The time recording function will be available, if

  • The "Time Recording" option is licensed, and
  • An issue tracker is associated with a Time Recording tracker, and
  • The aggregation rule of "Spent Hours" in this tracker is "Sum/Total", and
  • The current user has "Edit" permission for "Spent Hours" in the current issue status, and
  • The current user has "Add Issue" permission on the Time Recording tracker.

The time recording option (if active) will be visualized as a Clock Icon with a Plus sign in the "Spent Effort" field:

Clicking on the Plus Icon will popup a time recording dialog for the current user and issue:

In the top section of the dialog, you can enter your spent hours (at a specific date) including the classification/categorization and description of your work.

You can enter the spent hours either as hh:mm, e.g. "0:30" is 30min, "1:15" is 1h and 15min, or as a hours decimal, e.g. "1.5" is 1.5h, equivalent to "1:30".

The middle section of the dialog shows the current work "Estimate", the "Actual Work" total and the total hours "Personally" recorded for the current user on this issue.

The table in the bottom section, finally shows the most recent work log entries of the current user for this issue (if any).

Reporting work time spent on issues

You can retrieve reports about time spent by users on issues in multiple ways.

Via the "Resolved Time Recordings for Subject" view in the "References" tab of an issue

Project Admins can see the time recordings of all project members on this issue, other members can at least see their own recordings (dependent on the permission settings).

Via Views/Reports on the "Timekeeping" tracker

Project Admins can see and edit the time recordings of all project members, other members can at least see and edit their own recordings (dependent on the permission settings).

Via Reports on issue trackers

You can also include time recordings per issue when exporting report results, e.g Excel:

sophisticated time reports are still to come in future releases