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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Managing Projects

Managing Projects

System administrators can view the list of all projects on the server. The administrators can also delete unnecessary projects. For security reasons, if a system administrator is not a member of a project, then he/she will have no read or edit permissions on the project's contents.

For all projects, the system administrator can see the project name, creation date, creator, administrators and category.

Viewing All Existing Projects

Using this option the system administrators can view all project names and project owners on the server.

To view projects:

  1. Click on System Admin,
  2. Click on Projects.

Deleting Projects

Only users having the system administrator role can delete projects from the server.

Since CB-6.1, deleting a project follows the following project lifecycle:

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  1. Upon the first "Delete" (Remove) request, an Open or Closed project will be marked as Deleted (this is reversible via "Restore Project ..." in the Project Admin General screen).
    The project and any content will not be accessible any more, only project administrators can see their deleted projects by choosing the "Show deleted" option in their Projects selector.
  2. Only when you "Delete" a logically/previously deleted project again, the project and all its contents will be physically deleted (irreversibly)!

The current lifecyle of a project is shown in the column "Status" of the System Admin -> Projects screen:

To delete projects:

  1. Click on System Admin,
  2. Click on Projects,
  3. Select the projects to be deleted,
  4. Click on the Delete Projects... button.