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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Search (Indexes)


Selecting Indexing causes the search database to be re-indexed.

Figure: Re-Index Function


The system administrator can view document statistics summarized by project. The system administrator can delete unnecessary documents from the trash on the server.

Using External Network Storage

You can choose local or external network storage for project documents. Each project can store its documents using either local or network storage. See codebeamer Configuration for External network storage configuration. Network storage is the appropriate option when there is mirroring, backup or other file management services available.

Emptying Deleted Documents from the Trash

To empty the documents from the trash:

  1. Click on System Admin
  2. Click on Documents
  3. Click Empty Trash

View Document Statistics by Project

To review per-project document statistics:

  1. Click on System Admin
  2. Click on Documents

Managed Version Control Repositories

Resetting Access for Managed Repositories

When you click on the Reset Managed Repositories Access link, the access control files for all managed repositories are synced to codeBeamer.

Configuring Access URLs for Managed Repositories

Set the location of your managed repository in the Set Managed Repository Access URLs menu item's form. The prefixes shown are not real prefixes: use your own repository URL parent directories. The individual project repositories will subtend from the prefixes shown here, depending on the repository type that is selected for each project.

See also Using Managed Subversion, Git & Mercurial Repositories or
Using Subversion with codeBeamer or
Tracing Source Code Changes to Requirements, Task and Bugs or
Administering Projects.

Figure: Set Managed Repository Base URL