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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Branding: Company Logo, Colors and Texts

CodeBeamer can be integrated into the other web premises of your organization, by using your company logo, colors, fonts and site specific HTML text. You can upload your logo image, change your slogan, and change the GUI colors and fonts via CSS.

Corporate Logo, Colors and Texts

Figure: Change GUI Form

How to upload a new company logo?

The logo image placeholder size is by default 250px width and 45px height.

  • Smaller images will be positioned in the center of logo placeholder
  • Bigger images are automatically resized to fit in default placeholder
  • Transparency is supported and considered as part of image during resize

Step 1.

Upload the new image in the Upload Logo Image field.

Step 2.

Save the changes, this also activates the new logo.

It is possible to switch back to the default logo as well:

Login and Welcome Texts

Figure: Logo and Slogan Customization Dialog.

Login Text The text displayed on the login page
Login Text Style The basic login text has a built in style, if the content is modified this style is automatically removed. If the checkbox is checked the application keep the built in style even if the content is modified.
Welcome Text The text displayed on the User's home page

Customizing Login page

If you want to customize/replace the login page completely then you can also add a special "LOGIN_FORM_PLACEHOLDER" text to the "Login Text" page. The result will be that:

  • The LOGIN_FORM_PLACEHOLDER text is replaced with the login form during render
  • All other decorations around the login form is removed. So you are free to add your wiki or html content, and using a html plugin you can even add custom style to the login page.

This is a very minimalistic example for customized Login Text:


body {
    background-color: #cceedd;

h1 {
    color: green;
    text-align: center;

p {
    font-family: "Times New Roman";
    font-size: 20px;
<h1>My codeBeamer Login Page</h1>
<p>Very simple example for customizing the login page.</p>