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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Global codebeamer Settings

Calendar of Business Hours

Default business hours and exceptional workdays, such as holidays and/or required overtime may be defined in the 2 available calendar tabs. Project-specific exceptions can also be defined in Project Admin area. See Managing Projects.

Figure: Default Business Hours

Figure: Special Calendar Days

Periodic Process Timer

Create the daily statistics of project and tracker in the defined appointment.

Figure: Modify the Periodic Process Timer

Hour, Minute Time of day when the Periodic Process Timer starts.
Period Periodicity interval. The default value is 1440 = 24*60 and it starts the timer once a day. Example: to change it to start the build process every 2 hours the Period parameter should be set to 120.

Shared Fields

Since version 10.0

Shared Fields are globally defined field types that you can use to group different fields from different trackers. The you can use these Shared Fields to refer to all those fields in a report. To learn more about using Shared Fields see this page: Shared Fields.

You can manage Shared Fields on the System Administration page under the Shared Fields menu. By clicking on this menu you will get an overview of all the Shared Fields that are currently available in codeBeamer.

You can also define new Shared Fields but only if you are member of the "System Administrator" or "Shared-Field - Admin" group. When clicking on the New Shared Field link you will get this dialog:

You can set the following things for a Shared Field:

  • Shared Field Name: the name of the Shared Field. This must be unique and without any special characters and white spaces. This is the name that you can use in the export mode report editor.
  • Display Name: the display name of the Shared Field. This is the name that is displayed on the report selector and the field configuration. It can contain special characters and white spaces as well.
  • Field Type: the type of the fields where this Shared Field can be applied. You can select any field type. You will be able to use the Shared Field only on tracker fields that have the same type.
  • Reference Type: when the Field Type is Reference you also have to select the type of references that this Shared Field supports

Furthermore, combination of Display Name and Field Type must be unique next to the Shared Field Name.

You can Delete an existing Shared Field, but it may case issue in the existing cbQl's (Reports, Tracker Views, etc.), so it's handled with a warning message: