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Excel Multi-Choice and Multi-Value Import

This guide is valid since codebeamer release 8.0.

Importing Multi-Value Choice Fields or other Multi-Value Fields from Excel or Word Tables

Before being able to import a custom choice field allowing multiple values in the created Work items, the related choice field needs to be configured:

  1. Go to the Tracker Configuration.
  2. Open the Edit window of the related custom field.
  3. Select the multiple checkbox in the Datasource section.
  4. Click on [OK] to save the modification.

Having performed the above steps, a Work Item can be imported from Excel where this field should get two values, for example values A and B.

Import Multi-Values Using a Multi-Row Data

Download the multiValue-multiRow.xlsx example document.The simplest way to import such data is to add the values of the multi-value field in new rows below each other in the template. Leave the other columns of the new rows empty.

These rows are automatically merged, and the multi field gets the values A and B.

The result of this import:

Importing Multi-Values from Single Cell Using Conversions

Download the multiValue-split.xlsx example document.

Multiple values split by commas can also be imported from single cells.

In this case, a Splitter conversion is to be set up on the second page of the import wizard:

  1. Click on Advanced conversions link to reveal conversions.
  2. Select Splitter form the dropdown list for the multi field conversion.
  3. For the Spit by field, select A separator line from the dropdown list.
  4. Add a comma , as delimiter in the Separator field.
  5. Complete the import.

This conversion splits the A,B value into value A and value B.

Configuring How Export Works with Multi-Values

By setting the "exportMultiValuesToMultiRows" value to "true", multi-values can be exported into multiple rows. See the Configuring Excel Export Default Settings.