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codeBeamer 8.0.1 - General information
  • We recommend the use of mySQL 5.7 with codeBeamer, previous versions are no longer tested manually.
    • We no longer provide performance improvements for legacy versions of mySQL, therefore their use is not recommended.
  • The changing of Tracker Types and Templates in the configuration of Trackers is no longer possible.
  • Test Case references though the Verifies field will not be automatically Suspected using Work Items' edit screen, please update the Tracker configurations according to your business workflows.
  • Document Approval was removed starting from codeBeamer version 8.0.1.
    If you have a license for Document Approval please ask for a new License before upgrading.
  • Office edit is accessible from the Work Item's more menu it is no longer accessible directly.
codeBeamer 8.0.0 - General information
  • Upgrading to codeBeamer 8.0.0 may take a long time. Please consider upgrading late at night.
  • The following steps are highly recommended before upgrading:
    • Database backup
    • codeBeamer repository directory backup
  • We upgraded our password storage to SHA512 and it is not backwards-compatible.
  • Legacy IE browsers are not supported anymore. Supported browsers are IE11, Firefox, Chrome.
  • Oracle 11 is no longer supported.
  • MariaDB is supported but we do not recommend its use in a Production environment.
  • We recommend the use of/upgrade to JRE version 1.8 to achieve better performance in your production environment.
  • Every project home page is going to be migrated into a Dashboard page on behalf of one of the current Project Admin users; if no Project Admin is found, you may receive an error message during the migration process.
  • Individual Tracker Dashboard pages are no longer supported and removed from codeBeamer.
  • Project exports from 8.x are not compatible with older 7.x versions.
  • Rerun full indexing is recommended.
  • Traceability browser presets are upgraded. You have to recreate presets starting from 8.0.0.
  • We renamed Query to Reports and the old Reports has been renamed to Reports (Vintage). Reports (Vintage) is deprecated and will be removed in upcoming releases.
  • Work Item lock intoduced so users may not allowed to edit a work item when another user has already started editing before.

Known limitations in Reports

  • During the rendering of reports, charts, or even views, field values are considered and displayed in the results, regardless of the current user's permission sets for fields or work items.
  • Please make sure you have properly configured your Test Cases trackers because there were introduced some restrictions due to performance reasons.
    If you can not find Test Runs for a Test Case please after upgrading to 8.0.x version please follow You must login to see this link. Register now, if you have no user account yet. how to solve this problem

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