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The Forums feature was introduced in codeBeamer 6.0 and this feature is deprecated since version 7.1.

To learn more about converting Forums to Trackers and thus retain posts, check You must login to see this link. Register now, if you have no user account yet..

Forums visibility is disabled by default. To make it visible, please see: Configuring Forums visibility

Use discussion forums to communicate with other team members, consultants, customers and stakeholders. All discussions are captured and later you can search stored communications. You can watch threads and subscribe to forums to be informed when new messages are posted. You can set access controls on each discussion forum. You can assign Inboxes to be polled on a periodic basis for e-mails that you wish to copy to a forum.

Figure: A Project's Forums.

Figure: Topics in a Discussion Forum.

Configuring Forums visibility

The Forums visibility can be configured in codeBeamer installation directory/general.xml (default settings):

<showForum enabled="false" />


  • enabled - if true, Forums displays on Project Admin page Tabs in the top menu section and can be checked


Posting Messages

Use the New or Submit New Topic buttons to post a new message.

Posting Messages with Attachments

Your message can have the following types of attachments, and more: screenshots, images, documents or binary files.

Editing Messages

Click on the Edit icon to edit a message's content.

Deleting Messages

Click on the Delete icon to delete a message.

Posting Messages to the Project Summary Site

The project administrator is able to post project specific messages to the project Summary site to share messages with all project team members. This differs from a regular forum posting facility in that these posts appear in the project forum as well as in project Summary site. The posts will be also displayed in the Recent News section.

Searching in Forums

Full text search is available on all forums, regardless whether the work item is an announcement, news item or other message type.

Administering Forums

A Project administrator or a user with sufficient permissions can create or delete forums and set permissions. The administrator can customize forum names, types and permissions. You can subscribe to forums for automatic e-mail notifications on new posts.

Figure: Customizing Forums.

Deleting a Forum

When deleting a forum all data in the forum will be lost.

To delete a forum:

  1. Click on the Forums tab,
  2. Click on the Customize tool-tip link of a forum,
  3. Click on General,
  4. Click on Delete.

Adding Forums

To add a new forum to your project:

  1. Click on the Forums tab,
  2. Click on Add New Forum link,
  3. Fill in the form,
  4. Click on Add.

Changing Forum Name, Type and Description

Project and forum administrators can change the forum name, type and description. On deleting a forum, all data in the forum will be deleted including its attachments.

To change the forum name, type and description

  1. Click on the Forums tab,
  2. Click the Customize tool-tip link,
  3. Click on General,
  4. Edit name or description,
  5. Click on Save.

Access Permissions

You can edit the access permissions of the project members on a forum.

To edit forum access permissions:

  1. Click on the Forums tab,
  2. Click the Customize tool-tip link,
  3. Click the Permissions tab,
  4. Select each roles' permissions,
  5. Click on Save.

Figure: Forum Access Permissions.


You can subscribe to be notified on new posts. You will receive email notifications of new posts. Specify who should be notified when a new topic or message is submitted to this forum.

To edit notification subscriptions:

  1. Click on the Forums tab,
  2. Click the Customize link,
  3. Click on Notification,
  4. Select the accounts,
  5. Click on Save.

Importing Emails into Forums

See Importing Emails to Forums