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Importing Emails to Forums

Forum is supported from CodeBeamer 6

Using its inbox properties, a forum can be enabled to receive, search and store e-mails. Forums with enabled inboxes and the full text search feature are useful in building a knowledge base (i.e. FAQs). You can also use a forum inbox to create an archive of a project's correspondence by storing copies of all posts as individual e-mails. inbox can be assigned to a forum only if the System Administrator has first configured certain email addresses for such use. See also Notifications: Receiving Emails from codebeamer, and Email Integration: Sending Emails to codebeamer . The System Administrator must first configure an email address for use in the forum in the Email Inboxes and Polling page (in the System Admintab).

After the email inbox is configured go to the Forum's customization page, and you will need to assign the inbox to the Forum.

To configure an inbox:

  1. Click on the Forums tab,
  2. Click the Customize link associated with a forum,
  3. Select the Inbox tab,
  4. Fill in the Inbox Name, Inbox Description, Account, Server and Protocol mandatory fields as well as other optional ones,
  5. Click on Add.

Then a new Forum topic can be posted by sending an email to this address.

Figure: Setting up an Inbox for periodic e-mail polling and mapping them into Forum.

Then click on the link Add a new Inbox:

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The polling period is set by default to 15 minutes. It can by changed only by the system administrator (see "Configuring codeBeamer to Read Emails" in the Email Integration Document).

Example: Receiving Emails from a Google Gmail Account

You can use the following information to configure Gmail POP with Inboxes:

Account your full Gmail username (including
Password your Gmail password
Protocol pop3
Connection Use SSL
Status Enabled

To Enable your Gmail account for pop:

  1. Login to your Gmail account
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Forwarding and POP
  4. Set Enable POP for all mail (even mail that's already been downloaded) on
  5. Click Save Changesafter enabling POP in Gmail?

Converting Emails to Forum Posts

The Inbox import converter converts each incoming e-mail message to a forum thread according to the following rules:

  • The subject line becomes the topic of the message,
  • The sender will give the value of the Submitted By field,
  • The body of the message becomes the message of the post,
  • An optional attached file will become an attachment for the post.

Access Control on Inboxes

Only the project administrator can edit e-mail items received from someone who is not on the project members list.