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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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codebeamer X 4.0

codebeamer X 4.0 - Licensing information
  • Every customer upgrading from version 3.2 or below should renew their Intland Retina Licenses before upgrading, please contact with your Sales representative using email address

General information

  • Connected Google account (also the newly introduced Microsoft account) can now be disconnected from Profile menu
  • "Create report" and Document merge functionalities are now available also for PDF files
  • Tracker / Work item / Tree / Workspace menus have been significantly restructured in order to provide a better access to available functionalities and actions
  • Breadcrumb in Work item dialog header can now be used for navigation
  • Reference selector dialog Filtering section is now collapsed by default
  • Workspaces page - clicking on a box navigates now right to the Workspace's default page; Trackers overlay panel can be accessed by clicking the respective link on the boxes

System requirements

As for the server level requirements see codeBeamer 20.11 - LTS System requirements.