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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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codebeamer X 4.2

codebeamer X 4.2 - General Information

  • Every customer upgrading from version 3.2 or below should renew their Intland Retina Licenses before upgrading, please contact with your Sales representative using email address
  • Please note that Upgrading to this version can take several hours. It is highly recommended to execute during Weekend.

General information

  • Read more about Swagger API changes within this version.
  • Neither Swagger API nor Webdav allow uploading HTML and SVG files by default, preventing possible XSS attacks.

System requirements

As for the server level requirements see codebeamer 21.04 - LTS (Dorothy) System requirements.

On premise installation of codebeamer X on Windows is not supported with Docker. Docker based installation in an Ubuntu virtual machine is advised. For Windows based installations codebeamer X msi installer is recommended.