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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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codebeamer 21.04 (Dorothy) - General information
  • Read more about Swagger API changesusing the following Article
    • Neither Swagger API nor Webdav do not allow uploading HTML and SVG files by default preventing possible XSS attacks

codebeamer 21.04 (Dorothy) - Deprecation
  • Staff feature is going to be removed therefore it is deprecated additionally all Staff data will be deleted from the database when this feature is removed

codebeamer 21.04-SP2 - General information

System Requirements

This page describes the hardware and software requirements of codebeamer 21.04. For general requirements, please refer to the wiki page titled System Requirements.

Operating Systems

Windows and Linux on 64-bit x86 architectures with at least 8 GB memory.

The amount of memory required depends on the number of concurrent users, and the data in the system.

Virtual Systems

codebeamer 21.04 versions are tested with VMware ESX 6.5.0, ESX 6.7.0, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Azure virtual machines and Proxmox 6.3-4.


Docker image is changed, please note the following changes

  • centos:8.1.1911 is used as a base image
  • additional environment variables are added
  • hosted SCMs are removed from the image
  • codebeamer is available on http://localhost/ without /cb

Docker image is tested with 20.10.6 version of Docker

Supported Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Platform Version Tested with Recommended Platform
Open JDK or higher jdk8u275-b01-jre - AdoptOpenJDK
ALT_WIKI:EMOTICON:%28%2F%29%20 Windows
Open JDK or higher Red Hat, Inc.;1.8.0_275;25.275-b01; OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
ALT_WIKI:EMOTICON:%28%2F%29%20 Linux

Supported Application Servers

codebeamer is shipped and tested with Apache Tomcat 8.5.65. The windows-based installer has the tomcat application server already included.

It is recommended to upgrade to Apache Tomcat 8.5.65 version because of

codebeamer 21.04 Supported Databases

Database Version Tested with Can be used in production
MySQL 5.7 codebeamer 21.04 is the last version supporting MySQL-5.7, next versions will support MySQL-8.0 instead of. 5.7.24, 5.7.26 ALT_WIKI:EMOTICON:%28%2F%29%20
Oracle Oracle 19.x Enterprise Edition 19.3c ALT_WIKI:EMOTICON:%28%2F%29%20
MySQL 8.0
All automatised tests are successful with MySQL 8, however regression tests were executed only with MySQL 5.7.
8.0.21 ALT_WIKI:EMOTICON:%28-%29%20
PostgreSQL 12.6
All automatised tests are successful with PostgreSQL 12.6, however regression tests were not executed and not functional tested. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 is required on Windows.
12.6 ALT_WIKI:EMOTICON:%28-%29%20

codebeamer 21.04 Supported Browsers

In all browsers, JavaScript must be enabled to use the full functionality of codebeamer.

Browser Supported Version Tested with
Microsoft Edge 90.0.818.46
ALT_WIKI:EMOTICON:%28%21%29%20 Supported, but not tested yet
Firefox 88 ALT_WIKI:EMOTICON:%28%21%29%20 Supported, but not tested yet
Chrome 90.0.x 90.0.4430.85

Source Code Management Systems (SCM)

Git 2.11 or higher tested with Git 2.18.4
Subversion 1.10.x tested with 1.10.2 (r1835932)
(requires special support contract)
3.0.1 or higher tested with 3.7.3
(requires special support contract)
7.0 or higher tested with

JIRA Integration

JIRA Server version Tested with
JIRA 7.2.6 or higher JIRA 7.2.6 and v8.5.2
JIRA Cloud JIRA Cloud

Microsoft Office

Windows 10
Office 2016 Edge
Chrome (latest)
Firefox (latest)
Office 365 Edge
Chrome (latest)
Firefox (latest)

You can find more details about Office Edit support

Office edit / Webdav have problems with Mac Office 2016 does not work with Office edit.