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Service Packs for 22.04.x

Before installing the service pack, read Installing codebeamer Service Packs about general instructions.
Service pack files can be downloaded from this folder: You must login to see this link. Register now, if you have no user account yet.

codebeamer 22.04-SP2 - Release Notes

Release date: 9th of December 2022


  • TASK-7676220 - Timeout configuration is available for Quartz database pool


  • BUG-8492034 - Updating a field of a tracker causes error - An error occurred while saving your changes
  • BUG-8442827 - Excel import failed and causes performance degradation because of several calculated field evaluations
  • BUG-8435804 - Name field loses permission in the created working set
  • BUG-8416280 - Reference field points to wrong project in working set tracker after working set creation
  • BUG-8413189 - Summary field permission is wrongly set to None at working set creation
  • BUG-8371228 - Deploying template project with horizontal deployment destroys derived projects
  • BUG-8367263 - codebeamer is not responding due to ongoing review processes
  • BUG-8367232 - Assigned to value disappears in working set
  • BUG-8122506 - Specific DOORS history entries can cause an inconsistency between task.revision as task_revision table
  • BUG-7843838 - Clicking Set Statuses on Review Hub uses all the server resources
  • BUG-7833108 - Missing mandatory Field Exception at working set creation
  • BUG-7832856 - Working set extension fails with Illegal State Exception: Duplicate key error
  • BUG-7827800 - Invalid permission for tracker in working set
  • BUG-7791928 - Review hub creation error due to slow request
  • BUG-7777656 - [SWAGGER - API] Response definitions are missing exception mappings
  • BUG-7712262 - Array size exceeds VM limit when error page is created
  • BUG-7676132 - View-based ReqIF export - Ancestor items are not part of the ReqIF export
  • BUG-7642107 - New item template feature shows error messages
  • BUG-7635579 - ArtifactFileCleanerJob throws an SQL exception
  • BUG-7619838 - Excel export from baseline with Intelligent Document View yields wrong version of level one items
  • BUG-7603278 - Reason for Rejection value is preselected in mass review
  • BUG-7603274 - Mandatory if field stays mandatory in mass review but not mandatory in simple review
  • BUG-7600163 - Move to and copy to functions fill the value of an unmapped field in the target item
  • BUG-7563396 - Null Pointer exception at working set merge
  • BUG-7388539 - Reviewed by filter finds irrelevant reviews
  • BUG-7360063 - Unable to merge to default working set in case of two references
  • BUG-7064719 - Incorrectly stored Intelligent Table View configuration persists after upgrading to 21.09 or later versions
  • BUG-6747312 - Mass review function is not consistent in case of closed e-signature window
  • BUG-6740660 - Horizontal Deployment - Project contains invalid references after a full and clean deployment
  • BUG-6687650 - Selective Deployment - Import fails due to a state transition action
  • BUG-5994663 - Run at and Run by values do not change at second run if Clear previous results is unchecked
  • BUG-5838651 - Test Management - Default Type is wrong if new folder is created in test case or test set document view and edit view
  • BUG-5688921 - Excel roundtrip issue with comma-separated values, obsolete items cannot be deleted

codebeamer 22.04-SP1 - Release Notes

Release date: 29th of July 2022


  • EPIC-6441630 - Tracker item review: Disable role selector during signing even for users with multiple project roles if user must sign in a specific role
  • EPIC-6055184 - Calculated fields can access fields of downstream references
  • EPIC-5745413 - Authenticate with tokens without user interaction
  • EPIC-5642091 - Ordering by outline for reports and in Table View
  • EPIC-6859270 - Working set APIs for variant management tools

User stories

  • US-7652522 - Geolocation collection should be configurable
  • US-7176069 - Extend data generator in order to generate more robust datasets
  • US-6627247 - Tracker item review: Set review role automatically
  • US-6448293 - Recalculate only when relevant field changes
  • US-6432759 - Calculated fields based on downstream data
  • US-6389191 - As a system administrator I want to use the OpenID client credentials grant
  • US-6055195 - Convenient API for filtered downstream access
  • US-6055190 - Recalculate fields only on relevant downstream changes
  • US-5800822 - Add ordering by outline to the report selector
  • US-7240217 - Rewrite references during working-set content update API
  • US-7235889 - Working set content update permission
  • US-7235886 - Working set content update checks
  • US-7235884 - Monitor progress of working set content update
  • US-7235875 - Prepare update APIs for variant management tools
  • US-6859278 - Variant working set content update


  • TASK-7578456 - Revert mxGraph version to previous one
  • TASK-7548893 - Support RPE6 from 22.04-SP1
  • TASK-7544147 - Include the solution for in the upcoming 22.04 Service Pack
  • TASK-7240163 - Move external commits to the first place on the SCM tab
  • TASK-7238015 - ReqIF Export - Raise the retention period of the exported .reqifz files to 7 days
  • TASK-7185267 - Backport - ReqIF Export - exporting a baseline limits the exported items to 500
  • TASK-7088094 - Backport - Not possible to record spent effort on task items


  • BUG-7619700 - Horizontal Deployment - NPE during project export
  • BUG-7606482 - Report failed with ORACLE Database Exception (ORA-06502) character string buffer too small
  • BUG-7603274 - Mass review - mandatory if field stays mandatory in mass review but not mandatory in simple review
  • BUG-7665011 - Error message for missing mandatory value in downstream tracker
  • BUG-7662229 - ReqIF import - notification e-mail is missing the failed column in the import summary
  • BUG-7655706 - ReqIF import - Attempt to update non head revision for some items
  • BUG-7642099 - Mandatory if not working falsely resolves to mandatory
  • BUG-7633530 - cannot connect via HTTPS using out of the box codebeamer 22.04 installer (no Apache)
  • BUG-7603226 - Backlog sorting does not work
  • BUG-7600301 - Description updated by a state transition action shows plain text instead of the defined wikitext value
  • BUG-7563396 - Null Pointer exception at working set merge
  • BUG-7544339 - Mass suspected merge can fall into infinite loop
  • BUG-7383916 - Nobody option as allowed value of a members type field has no effect
  • BUG-7383901 - Creating shared field via tracker config is not possible
  • BUG-7378523 - Test Runner: Duplicate conversation id corrupts image upload
  • BUG-7360180 - codebeamer SCM project - Email must not be send
  • BUG-7360063 - unable to merge to default working set in case of two references
  • BUG-7359738 - Summary Mail feature does not work correctly for comments
  • BUG-7318184 - ERROR support.workingset.WorkingSetSupport - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Attempt to update non head revision
  • BUG-7312597 - Attempt to save private item template returns error
  • BUG-7311672 - Performance and integrity problems in test coverage
  • BUG-7304587 - Exporting comments and attachments results in syntax errors
  • BUG-7304343 - Search does not work because of incorrect indexing after Excel import
  • BUG-7283590 - Losing parts of conditions after deployment
  • BUG-7273307 - HEAD revision shown for test management items in Baseline
  • BUG-7264705 - Cannot perform upgrade on ZF dump
  • BUG-7254034 - Saving view might clear view structure
  • BUG-7243124 - Jira sync does not sync sprints after import
  • BUG-7233261 - Swagger - Requesting a report with a shared field in columns leads to tracker cannot be null error
  • BUG-7171455 - Inheritance lost on template deployment
  • BUG-7137056 - ReqIF roundtrip with Doors leads to addition of CBReqIF.ForeignID attribute
  • BUG-7061638 - Empty tracker view in baseline
  • BUG-7056756 - ReqIF Import - No information is given to the user when attachments are skipped during the import
  • BUG-6890220 - ReqIF Import - closing and opening the specification displays the empty attributes even if the relevant checkbox is empty
  • BUG-6712770 - Loading of item takes too long on Hetzner server
  • BUG-6693573 - Update referring items action with Execute as different user modifies referring item, but calculations in the referring item are run in the context of the executing user