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codeBeamer 9.4.0 - General information
  • codeBeamer is shipped with MaridaDB driver by default, but the MariaDB driver is NOT Supported officially. Please check the following WIKI page for more information:CB:/images/newskin/item/icon-document.pngReplacing MariaDB JDBC driver to MySQL JDBC Driver
  • Word and Excel Export using Own templates uploading and usage are disabled by default, only Operation System Administrators can upload special codeBeamer Templates onto codeBeamer server.
  • Groovy and JavaScript uploading and usage are disabled due to Security Reasons, only Linux/Windows Administrators can upload special codeBeamer Templates onto codeBeamer server.
  • Previous Version of Word Export feature is disabled by default, it can be enabled manually at you own Risk
  • Audit Trail PDF export functionality was removed, It will be available again in upcoming releases
  • Please note that after codeBeamer 9.4.0 successfully started a background process will automatically start to collect all necessary data for Historical Search ability. Depending on the amount of data, for 1-2 hours CPU usage will be higher than normally.
  • Starting from codeBeamer 9.4.0 Calculated field JSP EL expressions will be validated during Tracker Configuration saving procedure, please note that no invalid Calculated fields expressions will be allowed
  • Latest Latex (version pdfTeX 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.16) requires different markup to support mathematical expressions

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