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codeBeamer 9.4.0 - General information
  • Only Linux/Windows Administrators can upload special codeBeamer Word and Excel Templates onto codeBeamer server additionally Groovy and JavaScript uploading and usage are disabled due to Security Reasons. Please check this Adding and customizing templates for Word and Excel export
  • codeBeamer is shipped with MaridaDB driver by default, but the MariaDB driver is NOT Supported officially. Please check the following WIKI page for more information:CB:/images/newskin/item/icon-document.pngReplacing MariaDB JDBC driver to MySQL JDBC Driver
  • Word and Excel Export using Own templates uploading and usage are disabled by default, only Operation System Administrators can upload special codeBeamer Templates onto codeBeamer server.
  • Previous Version of Word Export feature is disabled by default, it can be enabled manually at you own Risk
  • Audit Trail PDF export functionality was removed, It will be available again in upcoming releases
  • Please note that after codeBeamer 9.4.0 successfully started a background process will automatically start to collect all necessary data for Historical Search ability. Depending on the amount of data, for 1-2 hours CPU usage will be higher than normally.
  • Starting from codeBeamer 9.4.0 Calculated field JSP EL expressions will be validated during Tracker Configuration saving procedure, please note that no invalid Calculated fields expressions will be allowed
  • Latest Latex (version pdfTeX 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.16) requires different markup to support mathematical expressions

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