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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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codebeamer Extension and Plugin Development Summary

Swagger documented Rest based API

Swagger V3 has been built for designing APIs with the OpenAPI Specification (OAS), and has continued to meet the needs of developers building APIs with OAS. Swagger validates our design in real-time, checks for OAS compliancy, and provides visual feedback on the go.

REST API (v1) documentation and examples

  • The usage of the new Swagger V3 API is strongly recommended for new development.
  • REST API (v1) remains maintained, however, no further development is planned.

Wiki plugin development

The development of own Wiki plugins (E.g. own reports, charts, etc.), to extend codebeamer with, is also possible. For the Wiki plugin API documentation and examples, see Wiki API

The Wiki plugin sources are built into codebeamer, and the related java source files can also be found inside the codebeamer package installed on your computer: YOUR DRIVE:\CB-XX.XX-SPX\tomcat\webapps\cb\

Most plugins use Velocity for HTML templating. The velocity templates for plugins can be found in the codebeamer package installed on your computer: YOUR DRIVE:\CB-XX.XX-SPX\tomcat\webapps\cb\config\templates\wiki-plugin .

Jenkins plugin and Jenkins integration

codebeamer's Jenkins plugins allow communication and integration with codebeamer servers. See Jenkins Plugins for details.

Word templating (customizing, examples)

Custom Word templates can also be added to codebeamer. For the process of creating Word templates, see: Word Templates in CB 7.2 - 9.2.

For detailed, custom Word template examples, see: An example of customizing Word templates in round-trip export and Customizing export template for Test Management: exporting Test Runs