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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Managing Licenses

This page provides a description on how to obtain, activate and edit and assign licenses in codebeamer.

Obtaining Licenses

To make the best use of codebeamer, for example, to increase the number of users allowed to use it, or to enable special features, you can obtain various licenses.

For further information on license types, contact your sales representative at

See also: Permissions by License Types.

Perform the following steps to get the relevant license:

  1. In case you are a system administrator, click the System Admin tab to get to the System Administration page, then choose License.
  2. Copy your Host-ID indicated on the License page, and share it with your sales representative via email by clicking on the contact PTC link.

    PTC will provide you with your license code in XML format.

Activating Licenses

Once available, you need to activate the license on the License page.

  1. Click the and add your license in XML format.

  2. Click , then to finalize to process.

Editing Licenses

To edit your license, you need to perform the same steps as for license activation.

Assigning Licenses to User Accounts

In case of having one type of license, for instance ALM, then, the ALM license is assigned to each user account by default.

If multiple license types are available, the first type of license in your license key is provided to all users by default. However, you may need to assign the various license types to the relevant user accounts. In the below example, the ALM license is in the first place, therefore, this type is assigned to all users by default.

To manage the license types assigned to users,

  1. Go to the user's account, and click the Edit account link on the top left of the page.

  2. Perform the required changes in the License Type section by selecting and/or deselecting the relevant checkboxes, and click to finalize.