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codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Viewing and Installing Licenses

Installing Licenses

In addition to the codeBeamer Free Edition license, you can purchase licenses to allow greater numbers of users or activation of specific features such as “Escalation Management”. You will need a new license to activate these licenses and options. If you are a System Admin, email Intland to obtain a license code to paste in the Edit License field. For further information please view codeBeamer Licensing

To find the admin-page where Licenses can be installed follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Projects" menu: projects will appear
  2. If you are System Administrator then the "System Admin" menu appears on the top. Click on that.
  3. Below in the list you'll find a Licenses link, click on that. After this the License-configuration page appears

Next you can view your current License and add the new License by clicking on the "Edit License" button:

Figure: View License

Figure: Edit License

Assigning Licenses to User Accounts

When you have a simple Licensing scenario like you only have ALM lincenses then all of your User Accounts will automatically get that default (for example ALM) license.

However if you have a complex License with mixed license types: like 5 "ALM" and 18 "Requirements Management" named licenses then you may need to assign all User a certain license type. Here also the default behaviour is that all users gets the 1st type that appears in your license key.

For example if you have this license then the users will be assigned to ALM license by default.

To assign an User to a different license-type you need to go to the Users' account page, and change the license-type there. This looks like: choose a license-type for the user and save it.