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Starting with codeBeamer 8.0.0 we impoved the usability to Test Step import process but older version of codeBeamer you can use the following method How to import Test Cases with Test Steps from Excel


Starting from codeBeamer 8.0.0 release the TestCases export/import and roundtrip-editing functionality is improved greatly, now it is really easy to:

  • Round-trip edit TestCases with their Steps in Excel
  • Import new TestCases with TestSteps

Round-trip editing of TestCases with TestSteps

When performing an "Roundtrip" Excel export the TestCases are now produces an Excel file which contains all important fields of the TestCases automatically. These fields are:

  • TestCase Name
  • TestCase Description
  • Pre-Action
  • Post-Action
  • TestSteps Action/Expected result/Critial/ID fields
  • Test Parameters

The export produces a simple format where each Step is appearing in a new row for TestCase. These Steps can be simply edited in Excel: because each Step attribute is in a separate cell.

Here is an example showing the Excel export of the TestCase's Steps:

Importing back TestCases export

When importing back the export made using the round-trip Excel export typically all you have to do is that upload the Excel export file contains your changes and go through the import wizard.

Your changes will be automatically written back to the original TestCase and its Steps. So you can:

  • If you change the name/description/Pre- Post- action and other fields of the TestCase
  • You can change a Steps' fields ("Action" or "Expected result" or "Critical"), all such changes will be written back the the corresponding TestCase and Step during import automatically.
How to update a TestStep

If you want to change the Action or Expected result field of a TestStep then just modify that cell in the Excel export file and import back. The Step will be updated correctly.

How to add a new TestStep to a TestCase

To add a new TestStep to a TestCase just create a new row in Excel where you want the new TestStep, and enter its properties. That Step will be automatically inserted during import. You can add the Step to anywhere: the middle of Steps table or to the end too.

How to delete a TestStep

You can also delete a TestStep by deleting its row in Excel, the step will disappear after import.

Adding new TestCase with Steps

You can also add a new TestCase with Steps too. Just add new rows to the Excel sheet, and fill in the Name/Description and add as many Steps as you want in separate rows. Be sure that the "ID" column of the new TestCase will be empty: leaving that makes this recognised as new TestCase during import.

Adding images to TestCases and TestSteps in Excel

Images can be added to Excel cells, which images will be added to the created Work items as attachments plus they will appear in the generated wiki markup as images too.

You can also add images to Test Steps: these images will appear in this Step in codeBeamer too.

For more information about importing images from Excel see: Importing Data from Excel to codebeamer

Special handling of Reference/Reused TestSteps

A feature of TestSteps is that they can reuse Steps on other TestCases. A defailed description of this is here.

When exporting and import TestCases which contain Steps with reuse (either reusing other Step or reused by other Step), those steps will look and behave slightly differently in roundtrip-exports.

These special Steps will look similar in Excel to how they look inside codeBeamer - using the same background colors-:

  • The light-blue background indicates a Step which is being reused by other Steps. Such steps are editable in Excel, but you get an hint about that if you change this Step's text that will change the reused value in other TestCases' Steps' too !
  • The light-yellow background indicates a Step which is reusing other Steps. Such fields are NOT editable in Excel, they are read-only.

So you can edit referenced Steps, and import back referenced/referencing Steps to codeBeamer from Excel, and such relationships will be preserved during round-trip.

However you can not create new "Reuse" relations between Steps in roundtrip.

Importing new TestCases or importing existing TestCases as new

When you want to import and create new TestCases from and export created using the "Roundtrip" export all you have to do is to remove the mapping of the "ID" field during import. This is how:

Click for a video demonstrates this feature

You can importing TestCase from Word too !

As you can import tables from Word too: when a similarly structured TestCase table with Steps appear in Word that can be imported from there, and will be added as TestCases & Steps.

The attached video demonstrates this too