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codebeamer 21.04-SP2 - Release Notes


  • EPIC-5725441 Performance improvement of global status field filtering by ids of cbQL


  • BUG-5459401 - Merge Request - Tracker Merge Request - Item merged from working set does not contain merge comment
  • BUG-5581250 - Project template exports contain all shared fields
  • BUG-5587528 - ReqIF import/export - Summary field is exported without permission
  • BUG-5601146 - Test Run column editable migration breaks tracker if it's template tracker is deleted
  • BUG-5601218 - Test Management - If regular TestRun selected by default is not set, then neither option is selected during generation
  • BUG-5618094 - Project Deployment - Unresolved tracker id show up as something else
  • BUG-5628550 - ReqIF - Empty value of all Choice Field after importing ReqIF
  • BUG-5639373 - ReqIF - Import fails with unique constraint (CALMDB.TASK_SEARCH_REVISION_PK) violated
  • BUG-5649284 - Project Deployment - Non-reference Global Type in CBQL fails import
  • BUG-5651607 - When search users, unnecessary calls to backend without results but with long runtime (3 tickets, similar issues, but still different)
  • BUG-5670151 - Planner View - Sort does not work with items grouped by Shared Field
  • BUG-5674130 - Closing review with status update causes high CPU load
  • BUG-5683855 - Project Deployment - Empty reference filter breaks import
  • BUG-5684192 - ReqIF export/import - Color field cannot be mapped to the built-in Color field during import
  • BUG-5701622 - ReqIF - missing information in the exported ReqIF file
  • BUG-5720886 - ReqIF - TrackerItem.findSuspectedItemLinks fails with user requested cancel of current operation, during a ReqIF import with 70.000 items
  • BUG-5725921 - Project Configuration Deployment - Submitted by: me is not deployed for Reports
  • BUG-5725958 - Project Configuration Deployment - Depends on field references are not deployed
  • BUG-5725985 - Project Configuration Deployment - Reference filter views from other trackers are picked as invalid
  • BUG-5730555 - Project Configuration Deployment - Only the first query must be deployed if there are multiple queries with the same name
  • BUG-5736171 - Test management - Test step changes affect each other
  • BUG-5814433 - Word import doesn't apply table formatting from document
  • BUG-5819080 - Data is exported regardless of user or group rights
  • BUG-5836071 - Project Deployment - Import fails due to shared reference views
  • BUG-5847754 - SAML Configuration - Domain Filter
  • BUG-5847777 - Temporary login failure using OpenID connect


  • CTSK-5683049 - Change UNIQUE constraint to PK on temporary table
  • CTSK-5719950 - History API give internal server error
  • CTSK-5739840 - Create MVP to improve status performance
  • CTSK-5760636 - Tracker unlock is not possible for project admin
  • CTSK-5841511 - Make test management update scripts run after project template import

codebeamer 21.04-SP1 - Release Notes

  • Shared fields menu item was removed from My Start menu. It is still available under System Administration and Tracker Configuration screens.
  • As of 21.04 (Dorothy), the default Test Run type is not selected by default any longer, however, as of 21.04-SP1, you can set the default type to "Regular" by adding the following configuration setting under the "testManagement" node:
    "regularTestRunSelectedByDefault" : true
  • The upload of files with HTML or SVG extension is not allowed by default. System Administrators may be able to reconfigure this behavior by following this article: Application configuration - "uploads" section

Bug fixes

  • BUG-5581263 - Reference selection views reset tracker field permissions
  • BUG-5567037 - Test Run and Test Set trackers are renamed to Run and Set
  • BUG-5567028 - Bug And Or Logic in Reports: does not save new filter settings when and or logic is involved
  • BUG-5564835 - Duplicate key 'type' in Swagger API result
  • BUG-5561617 - Report - "You have unsaved changes in the current Report!"
  • BUG-5557904 - Enhanced Selection Dialog - Expanding a parent selects the parent
  • BUG-5521529 - Status Options are recreated after project deployment
  • BUG-5517044 - Guard/Condition Description is missing after Project Configuration Deployment
  • BUG-5516525 - Change the time format in the log file
  • BUG-5509038 - Project Deployment - Field dependency configuration is missing from deployment project
  • BUG-5501107 - Project Configuration Cleaner - [Not Visible] value shown in Public View filtering condition in case of unresolved Project reference
  • BUG-5468239 - After the patch apply there are problems with the editor on Windows
  • BUG-5317937 - Subfolders can't be opened on WEBDAV's web interface
  • BUG-5151470 - Test Management - If item 'Edit Any' tracker permission is revoked from user, then test step reuse UI is broken
  • BUG-4915272 - Adding comments with Mass Edit does not work
  • BUG-5505983 - Test Case tracker permission configuration doesn't behave the same way as prior to Dorothy
  • BUG-5561354 - Test Runner: Actual Result is not set to mandatory in the test runner
  • BUG-5509035 - HideIf behavior is not consistent


  • TASK-5597029- Disable the editability of the "Reported as" field
  • TASK-5569062- Swagger - Check and fix deployment endpoint in 21.04
  • TASK-5567070- Remove "Export as Project Template" menu option from Trackers Tab
  • TASK-5564435- Make default "Regular" test run type selection configurable

User Stories

  • US-5582448 - Configure audience whitelisting for OpenID authentication