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Column Filter

This page demonstrates codebeamer's Column Filter function developed to enhance the efficiency of filtering on tracker items based on the different columns within Trackers.

What is Column Filter?

Column Filter is a cbQL report based, Tracker item filtering function available since the codebamer 22.04 (FELICITY) release, and has been implemented to make filtering faster and more transparent.

Although, codebeamer already had a top filter ( ) applicable to search for specific Tracker items based on various criteria, Column Filters are more beneficial from UI perspective by providing a clean-cut view of the active filters applied, column by column.

Views the Column Filter function works with

Both the Add Filter ( ) and the Column Filter functions have been created for filtering purposes, however, there are differences in the operations.

As opposed to the Add Filter function, Column Filters have been developed and designed to be used merely

  1. in Table View of the various Tracker items

    Column Filters work only on the Initial level of the Intelligent Table View.

    See also: Intelligent Table View
  2. in the Reference Settings window of Tracker items

Column Filters operate only in Table View. The Column Filters set in Table View are not applied when changing to any view other than Table View. In such cases, a warning message appears to notify the user about it.

Saving views with Column Filters

Views with Column Filters applied can be saved as public or private views in the same way as with the top filters.

How to enable the Column Filters?

Column Filters are not visible in codebeamer by default.

This function can be enabled and disabled as well with a check box:

  1. on the Manage Tracker Views overlay of a given Tracker in Table View
    (Manage Tracker Views)►Show Column Filters

  2. on the Manage Reference Views overlay within the Reference Settings of a Tracker Item
    (Manage Reference Views)►Show Column Filters


By enabling Column Filters, users are allowed to set filters on each column displayed within a Tracker. Column Filters use the AND logic to apply multiple filtering criteria and to return the requested list of items.

Column Filtering does not support the Group By, Order By and the AND/OR logic.

Hierarchy of Filters

As discussed, Column Filter works in Table View only, while the top filter can be used in all views, hence, the top filter is the primary filtering function within Trackers.

In case of having an active top filter, the application of Column Filters is executed with the AND operator.


How to create Column filters?

Having the function enabled, the empty filtering fields below the column headings become visible. Clicking into the empty fields exhibits all the relevant filtering options users can choose from.

How to apply Column Filters?

The application of the chosen filters can be performed by:

  • pressing Enter
  • focusing out
Column Filters can also be applied to Custom Fields or Custom Choice Fields defined by the user.

How to remove Column Filters?

In case a Column Filter is no longer needed, it can quickly be removed by clicking on the [ ] button next to the applied filter.

Exporting/importing Column Filtered items

codebeamer considers Column Filter queries when exporting/importing Tracker items, therefore, only the items matching the queries are exported/imported. There is no need to save separate views with the filters applied before exporting/importing.

When exporting/importing codebeamer Projects, Column Filters applied within the Projects are also exported/imported.