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codeBeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Tracker Views

Tracker Views define

  • which content of a tracker
    • which items
    • which item attributes
    • in which order
  • to present in which format.

In CB-9.0 and newer, the fields, format and sort order of tracker views is not longer used, only the Condition, that defines, which tracker items are visible via this view.

The Condition is a tree in Polish notation, to avoid the need for parentheses or other brackets: The operators and, or and not must be the parents of their operands.

For example:
 Priority IN ("High", Highest") AND (StartDate > today OR EndDate <= EndOfNextWeek) 
will be defined like this:

To add a new criteria to the condition tree, select either a grouping operator or the criteria field from the condition selector.
The new criteria will be added as new child node to the currently selected operator node.

You can move nodes to other locations in the tree via drag-and-drop.

You can copy criteria (including descendants) by pressing Ctrl and dragging a node to the new location where to create the copy.

You can edit condition criteria either via double-clicking on the appropriate node or by right-clicking on the node and choosing Edit from the context menu.

You can remove condition criteria by right-clicking on the appropriate node and choosing Remove from the context menu.

Date values in a condition are defined as periods, e.g. "Today" is the period from "Today, 00:00:00" (inclusive) to "Tomorrow, 00:00:00" (exclusive). Date comparisons with

  • equal (==),
  • greater or equal (>=),
  • greater than (>),
  • less than (<) and
  • less or equal (<=)
will refer to the left/lower boundary of the period!

E.g. StartDate greater than "Today" means: StartDate >= Today, 00:00:00.
and StartDate equal "Today" means: StartDate == Today, 00:00:00.
and StartDate in "Today" means: Today, 00:00:00 <= StartDate < Tomorrow, 00:00:00.

So in most situations you should use IN instead of equal for Date comparisons!

Tracker Views (Report based)

Report based Tracker Views are available only from codeBeamer 9.0.0

From codeBeamer 9.0.0 you are able to define report based Tracker Views on Table View, Document View and Cardboard View. All of these three views contains the new Filter Widget in which you can define specific filters by the tracker's fields or other options, group by / order by options, the same way as you can do on the Report page. The set filters can be saved as Tracker Views (public or private) and can be used on Table View, on Document View or on Cardboard View.

See more information about the Filter Widget and managing Tracker Views here: Trackers