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Tracker Views

Tracker Views define

  • which content of a tracker
    • which items
    • which item attributes
    • in which order
  • to present in which format.

The available display/presentation formats are:

  • Table
    Selected fields of selected tracker items are shown in a specific order in a tree table, which is a table, where items, that are parent of other items, can be expanded, to also show the children (recursively).
  • Document
    Here the focus is on the tracker. The whole tracker is regarded as a document and the tracker items are the document paragraphs. The tracker item hierarchy represents the document outline and each item has a defined position within that outline.
  • Cardboard
    Here the focus is on work in progress, therefore this format is only applicable for work items. Work items are presented in form of a Kanban Board, where work items are shown as cards in columns representing work status.

A tracker view is always associated with exactly one (defining) tracker, but (public) views of template trackers are inherited by derived trackers and also applicable there.
A tracker view can only narrow the field of vision (to a subset of tracker items and a subset of item attributes). It is not possible to join information from other (related) trackers.

Tracker Views (Report based)

Report based Tracker Views are available only from codeBeamer 9.0.0

From codeBeamer 9.0.0 you are able to define report based Tracker Views on Table View, Document View and Cardboard View. All of these three views contains the new Filter Widget in which you can define specific filters by the tracker's fields or other options, group by / order by options, the same way as you can do on the Report page. The set filters can be saved as Tracker Views (public or private) and can be used on Table View, on Document View or on Cardboard View.

See more information about the Filter Widget and managing Tracker Views here: Trackers