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Intelligent Table View

An Intelligent Table View allows you to display specific upstream and downstream references of the items of a tracker. The upstream and downstream references can be any types of items added from selected trackers in your system. You can add references to items from any tracker within the current project or from trackers in any other project in the system (including custom trackers).

To be able to create an Intelligent Table View for a tracker, you need to create a public or private view for the tracker first. The Intelligent Table View function does not support the Group by option. Thus, the original view (used to create an Intelligent Table View) cannot include the grouping of items.

For more information on how to create, edit, or delete an Intelligent Table View, see the following sections:

Rendering Methods

CodeBeamer supports the following rendering methods for an Intelligent Table View:

  • Disabled (Use Basic Table View): this option allows you to create an ordinary Table View instead of an Intelligent Table View.
  • Traceability Tree View: using this option, the upstream/downstream references of the tracker items will be displayed next to the items in separate columns (similar to the layout of the Traceability Browser). For more information, see section Traceability Tree View.
  • Hierarchical Table View: using this option, the upstream/downstream references of the tracker items will be displayed below the items in a tree-like structure. For more information, see section Hierarchical Table View.


Using the Intelligent Table View option has the following restrictions compared to the basic Table View:

  • It is only possible to display child items of an initial level tracker item.
  • Items in this view are not selectable, that is, you cannot perform actions where you need to select items (for example, copy, move, mass edit, or export selection).
  • The export functionality is limited to simple export (no Round-trip export); and you can only use the existing Traceability Browser export options (no additional columns can be exported).
  • The resizable column functionality is not supported (neither percent- nor pixel-based)
  • The grouping of items (Group by option) is not supported.
  • Columns in the table cannot be rearranged using the drag and drop functionality.