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With codeBeamer-7.4.x or higher Working Item Descriptions and editing Microsoft Office documents can be performed directly in Microsoft Office however this feature needs a simple setup on front-end PCs. On front-end PCs Microsoft Office (on Windows 2007 or higher, on Mac-OSX 2011 or higher) must be installed.


Windows users should download and install codeBeamer Office launcher.


  • Download codeBeamer Office launcher.
  • Decompress (extract) the zip file.
  • Copy the extracted cboffice_launcher application into your Applications folder.

It might be necessary to change your Security settings on your Mac as below:


Because OpenOffice and LibreOffice are not fully compatible with Microsoft Office, editing Working Item Description does not work. Editing Microsoft Office Documents from Document Management is however supported.

How to configure Firefox

  • Download You must login to see this link. Register now, if you have no user account yet..
  • Ensure that the script is executable with the command below:
    chmod a+x
  • Enter about:config as shown below and create a New Boolean (right mouse click).

  • Enter network.protocol-handler.expose.cboffice and select false as value.
  • The first time you click on an URL cbofffice://' Firefox will ask you which script should be used, please select the downloaded office/

How to configure Chrome

Download You must login to see this link. Register now, if you have no user account yet. and read for instructions.


When a selected application does not start and a wrong error screen appears. In this case you have to make sure that there is an associated application for the selected file type.
Please type the following commands into your console where the .vsdx and Visio.Drawing.15 are parameters of the commands.

An example for Visio 2013 vsdx file check:

d:\>cmd /c assoc .vsdx

d:\>cmd /c ftype Visio.Drawing.15
Visio.Drawing.15="C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\VISIO.EXE" "%1" /ou "%u"

When one of the two commands returns with an empty result you have to select a default application for that file type on the windows control and panel try to check it again.

How to configure office edit in codeBeamer

The office edit can be configured in codeBeamer installation directory/general.xml (default settings):

<officeedit enabled="edit" ></officeedit>