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Office Edit

With codeBeamer-7.4.x or higher Working Item Descriptions, Wiki pages and editing Microsoft Office documents can be performed directly in Microsoft Office.

To enable this feature please read the following artice: Configure office edit in codeBeamer

Office Edit needs the permission to run VBS scripts on Windows machines. Please check your privileges before use with your System Administrator.

System requirements

The cboffice URL schema should be installed on client PC (installation instructions)

Microsoft Office

Windows 7,10
Office 2013 IE11
Chrome (latest)
Firefox (latest)
Office 2016
Chrome (latest)
Firefox (latest)
Office 365 IE11
Chrome (latest)
Firefox (latest)
Mac OS X Office 2013 Chrome (latest)
Firefox (latest)


The operating system dependent installation is described here.

Editing documents

The following file types can be edited by codeBeamer office edit:

  • Word files(.doc, .docx)
  • Excel files (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Power Point files (.ppt, .pptx)

The office edit can be started by selecting Edit via Office context menu item on a MS Office document:

If the Office Edit executed in Firefox the following dialog will appear:

  • Make sure the following option is selected:
    wscript "C:\Program Files\CodeBeamer\cboffice_launcher.vbs" "%1"

  • Check the "Remember my choice for cboffice links" checkbox

The office application should start soon.

The content of the document can be edited in office. If the document saved, the office uploads the content automatically to codeBeamer. Every save creates a new version of the document.

If the document list is reloaded, the version number of the edited document will increase.

Edit issue description in issue details view

The issues description can be edited by clicking edit via office menu item in more context menu:

Edit issue description in document view

Add a comment in issue details view

A comment can be added by clicking the Add Comment via office menu item in more context menu:

Add a comment in document view

New comment can be added to issue from document view by clicking the Add Comment via Office menu item in the context menu:

Edit a wiki page

Open wiki page and click on the Edit via Office menu item in more context menu:

Edit the document content in MS Word.

Save the document, and refresh the wiki page in the browser: