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Create an Intelligent Document View

To be able to create an Intelligent Document View for a tracker, you need to create a public or private view for the tracker first.

To create an Intelligent Document View for a tracker, follow the steps below:

1. Select a tracker from the Trackers menu and go to Document.

2. Open the view configuration window and select 'Save as...' to create an Intelligent Document View:

3. Set 'Name', 'Description' and 'Permissions', and select view visibility by checking, unchecking 'Public VIew'. Hit 'Save' when done.


4. Open the view configuration window again, select the new view and click Intelligent Document View Configuration:

The Intelligent Document View Configuration option is activated only if you have at least one public or private view saved for the current tracker.

The Intelligent Document View Configuration window is displayed.

5. Select a rendering method for the Intelligent Document View:

The following values are available in this field:

  • Disabled (Use Basic Table View): if this option is selected, instead of an Intelligent Document View, a basic Table View will be created.
  • Intelligent Document View: if this option is selected, a Intelligent Document View will be created.

The initial level is always the current tracker, which cannot be modified.

By default, the list in the Field Settings field contains all the fields that are included in the current tracker view. To remove any of the fields from the initial level of the new Intelligent Table View, click the CB:/displayDocument/1559809628183.png?doc_id=6985422&version=1&link_id=9164048&raw=true&history=false&notification=false icon next to the field. To move a field, use the drag and drop function.

To include a new field in the view, click Add Field and select a field from the drop-down list.

6. To setup level 1 filters click Add Filter CB:/displayDocument/1583418204538.png?doc_id=9897290&version=1&link_id=9897288&raw=true&history=false&notification=false:

7. Once a tracker is selected, specify if the references from the selected tracker should be upstream or downstream:

Specify the field settings for the level 1 references as for the initial level in Step 5.

8. To add level 2 references to your view, click Add in the Level 2 field and repeat Steps 6 to 7.

If necessary, you can configure any further levels of references for your Intelligent Document View. The maximum number of levels by default is 5.

For configuration, see page Application configuration

It is possible to add any number of reference levels to an Intelligent Document View. However, if too many levels are configured, managing your view may become difficult.

9. When you are finished configuring the Intelligent Document View, click Save.

10. To set descendant items visibility use Show Descendant Items on view configuration window.

Show Descendant Items will show descendants even if they are not part of the result.

The Document View will now reload in Intelligent Document View mode:

The tree and center pane contain the items and their reference items in a hierarchy according to the configuration. You can perform edit actions in the center pane as in normal Document or Document Edit View.