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codeBeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Important notes
codeBeamer 9.3.0 - General information
  • general.xml support is removed starting from 9.3.0, configuration values are converted during the upgrading procedure and System administrators can manage it using the Application configuration menu.
  • codeBeamer Active Passive mode is supported with OpenShift.
  • BitBucket 5.5.8 is now supported as external Repository. Configure webhook.
  • Using External Repositories, when a Change Set is committed by a non-real codeBeamer user member those will be aggregated into SCM as Statistics using built in system user.
  • Add attachment permission is removed, Users with Add Comment permission can Add Attachments as well.
  • Document View - Only open Work Items setting was removed replaced by common Work Item filtering.
  • Some User Interaction defaults have changed and not they are configurable using User Account / User Preferences menu for backward compability.
  • A new Dynamic Word Report engine replaces the earlier Word Templating, support of old Word Templating engine will be replaced and completely removed in next version.
  • Resource Extraction and TaskQ plugins become deprecated and removed.
  • Moskito Monitoring was replaced by built in codeBeamer Monitoring solution. Moskito Monitoring no longer supported.

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