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codebeamer X 3.3

codebeamer X 3.3 - Licensing information
  • Every customer should renew their Intland Retina Licenses before upgrading, please contact with your Sales representative using email address

General information

  • Please note that Upgrading to 3.3 version can take several hours. It is highly recommended to execute during Weekend
  • Oracle 12 is no longer supported please update to the officially supported Oracle 19 version
  • PDF export was completely removed, please use Microsoft Word as PDF converter under Windows environment or using Linux environment users need to have a valid Aspose license and install an extra component, see configuration
  • Microsoft Office support starting from Microsoft Office 2013, older versions are no longer supported
  • Derby Database is no longer supported
  • SSO signature logic has change you can read more about this feature: Generating Electronic Signature with SSO Login and Electronic Signature changes in 3.3
  • Read more about: Swagger API changes within this version
  • Read more about: Rest API changes within this version
  • Traceability preset migration does not support selected multiple Trackers on Initial level
  • Test management now has built in support for formal test runs and as a result the test management workflow changed for new and existing test runs
    • In case you use custom project templates with test runs, please update them by executing the migration script on them
    • Please also review the tracker, state transition and status field permissions of your Test Run tracker to make sure that they are as you expect them to be
  • Restarting test runs are now possible without creating new test run(s) -- for more information about this optional feature, please see: re-running a test run without creating a new one
  • The attachment handling parameters of the Word exports have changed
    • If attachments are included in the export they are linked to the document by default
    • If embedding the attachments are enabled, all attachments are included into the document itself (as OLE objects)
    • If expanding the attachments are enabled, supported file types (images, text files, etc.) are displayed within the document
  • Advanced document export functionality is now available for template developers -- see the related documentation
    • Previously created templates continues to work, however there are slight functionality changes that affect the previous behavior as well -- for further details see the documentation of the new functionality
  • Document view
    • Quick commenting in main panel is no longer available
    • Item metadata fields panel is hidden by default, can be expanded on user level
    • Review hub comments are hidden by default in the comment stream, these can be displayed by turning on the "Show review comments" switch

System requirements

As for the server level requirements see codeBeamer 20.11 - LTS System requirements.